Colleen CohnIf left up to me, I would just sum myself up this way:

Wife and Mother; Lover of Vintage, Creatives, Gaming and List Making

Unfortunately, that would make for a too-short About page.

Here are more things that you wouldn’t necessarily care to know about me:

Most people call me “Cole”. When I was younger, I was “Coleena Bobeena”. (Well, to everyone but my brothers who chose to call me “Queen Meanie Coleenie”.)

My birthday is May 4, 1971, which makes me 47 today.

I met the love of my life playing Halo 2 and relocated from Tennessee to Ohio to marry him in 2008. We play exclusively on our PS4s but the Xbox will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Between us, we have a six-year-old son and three adult daughters.

I am a homebody with aspirations of seeing the world.

I am a couch potato who wants to become a runner.

I wish I could sing more than anything but I am completely tone-deaf.

I pick up everything with my toes. I will try several times before I’ll actually pick up, by hand, whatever I can’t pick up with my toes — or leave it where it is.

I love people.  I mean, really love them.  Like, I want to give them all pet names and make them a part of my tribe. Is collecting people a thing?  If it is, it’s totally my thing.

I make pretty things.  I plan to set up shop to sell my pretties here: Coleena Bobeena

I’m also trying my hand at social media (you know, because of that whole people-collecting thing). You can also find me here:

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