Colleen Cohn - Coleena Bobeena

If left up to me, I would just sum myself up this way:

Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Computer Geek; Lover of Vintage, Independent Artists, Gaming, and Sleeping.

Unfortunately that would make for a too-short About Me page.

Here are more things that you wouldn't necessarily care to know about me:

I am 40-something.

I met the love of my life playing Halo 2 and relocated from Tennessee to Ohio when we married. While I no longer play, I will always be a gamer at heart.

We have now have a three-year-old son and three teenage daughters.

I am a homebody with secret aspirations of seeing the world.

I am a couch potato who wants to become a runner.

I am a procrastinator and a micro-manager. I can't get anything done to save my life but, oh, how I can tell you (in excruciating detail) what you need to do, the steps you need to take to do it, and the error of your ways if you do it wrong.

I wish I could sing more than anything but I am completely tone-deaf.

I pick up everything with my toes. I will try several times before I'll actually pick up, by hand, whatever I can't pick up with my toes — or leave it where it is.

I will blurt out words and phrases to shock myself out of obsessive thoughts.

I have the attention span the size of a pea. Seriously. Which is why:

I am a starter of many projects and a finisher of few.

I am also a great list maker.